We, my husband and I, lived on the shores of Lake Como for over 10 years before moving to the UK. We have travelled Italy and explored from North to South, eaten in oh so many restaurants and drunk in even more bars. The Italian way of life is one, that I take with me wherever we go and there are several reasons as to why. 

The beauty of Italy is undeniable, but the culture and importance of family and connection is one I have always admired. Your meetings are held face to face, there is literally nothing accomplished on the telephone. If you need to get something done , you go for a coffee and talk about it or maybe even get lunch together. I used to get so frustrated having to eat and drink my way through the day, but I have to admit it was a great way of staying connected. Slowly I fell in love with the dolce vita lifestyle, aperitivo time, pizza days, wine tastings ...

Working in the tourism industry we ran our own wine bar, restaurants, and holiday homes. Our Italian family is still on Lake Como managing the family hotels and holiday homes.

Italy has a unique biodiversity that is created by being the only peninsula in the world, spreading on a perfect latitude, that is surrounded by calm seas.In Italy the fresh mountain breezes meet the sea wind, creating ideal climate conditions for some of the best foods in the world, like fresh basil from Genova, olive oil, the best pasta in Italy coming from Gragnano, the Parma ham, saffron from Abbruzzo, the myrtle from Sardegna and many many more.

It has 7000 edible vegetal species, more than any other country in Europe and 1200 local vineyards compared to France’s 222. Italy has, 533 different species of olives, whereas in Spain there are only 70, and 140 wheat crop varieties.

It is no surprise that Italy has one of the healthiest diets in the world and we pride ourselves on selling these delicacies back here in the UK. In our home you will find all the products , that we offer, everything has been tried and , tested, and is loved by us ! 


We sincerely hope you enjoy our blogs with tips and tricks from Italy, exploring and trying out our products and maybe we will inspire you to go for a holiday in Italy too.