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  Lake Como has always been known as a beautiful holiday resort thanks to the mild climate and unsurpassable beauty of the small seaside resorts nestled in the Pre-Alps: in past centuries only noble families and Italian and European writers spent holiday periods in the sumptuous villas overlooking the lake. Now the lake has become an international tourist destination. In a strategic position a short distance from Milan and Brianza, perfectly connected by rail, Lake Como offers extremely elegant landscapes: small villages nestled on woody slopes that alternate with the famous villas surrounded by lush gardens, unmissable during the spring blooms and with plant species from all over the world. There are many lakeside villas: Villa Olmo, Villa d’Este in...

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This Winter Romance & Gastronomy on Lake Como

Romance & Gastronomy go hand in hand on Lake Como. If you're looking for a romantic getaway , you can't beat Lake Como for St. Valentines! It's an ideal couples getaway with a mix of nature, quaint villages and sunset views over the lake!

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