Italian Wines and their secrets

There are so many different types of wines in the world, each of them unique in their heritage, process, grape and country. However Italy has 1200 local vineyards compared to Frances 222 and they have a wide range of different characteristics. 

Italy has a unique biodiversity that is created by being the only peninsula in the world, spreading on a perfect latitude, that is surrounded by calm seas. The fresh mountain breezes meet the sea wind, creating ideal climate conditions for some of the best and healthiest foods in the world. There are so many different grapes and vineyard, that you really have the difficulty in choosing between some amazingly interesting wines. 

Lets start at the beginning and look at what determines the colour of a wine. The colour of each wine comes from the pigment of its grape and is therefore never the same, as each grape is different. The fermentation length and wine making process also plays a big role in how intense the colour is. White wines are usually fermented without the grapes skin and that gives the wine the light and pale colour. The Rosè wines have a shorter fermentation period than the redwines and that gives them the lighter red colour. The red wine has many variations of purple, brown, darkred all depending on the region of the vineyard and its grapes. 

The colour can also tell you how the wine has been aging and for how long. 

When storing your wine you should keep in mind, that its best stored in the dark, lying sideways and in a relatively cool area – ideally at a temperature around 10°C. 

How did we choose our wine selection in our online wine shop? 

Like I mentioned before we lived on Lake Como for over 10years and always lived right next to a wine cellar with a delicious range of wines. Many evenings with friends, family or just the two of us were spent there, eating their amazing meat and cheese platter ( to die for )and always trying out new wines directly and being educated about their origins, vineyard and process in the winery. They have over 30years of experience and both owners are professional sommeliers with a great sense of humour. Our wines all come from smaller wineries and local producers. 

My husbands greatuncle has had his own vineyard for over 60years and has told us many secrets of the process. We helped regularly in the vineyard and enjoying the harvest all together. It really is a beautiful story starting from a little Grape. The whole family has always helped keeping the vineyard up to date under the close direction of Zio Sergio and the wine in return kept everyone connected as a family. My husband parents also own a vineyard and so do many other families in the Valtellina. It is a part of the culture , everyone has a simple house wine for their everyday lunch, each one varies from family to the other, but one thing is sure – do not ever refuse a glass of house wine!  

Each wine in our selection has been tried at least once and we guarantee the best quality and no headache. We tried to incorporate the easy dining experience to the importance of a Sforzato, to be enjoyed with a good cheese or a simple Pasta dish.You can buy your italian wine direct on our website at : 

In the end Wine is so much more than just a drink. Each Wine,wherever it is produced, is made with love and patience.It brings you together with family and friends, it can lift you up and transport you to your italian travels, to the loud bars, warm breezes, family restaurants and delicious ice creams. 

Here is our introduction to our selections of italian wines :  


Franciacorta Brut  

Let us introduce you to Franciacorta – our Italian friends claim it to be better than Champagne, as it is lower in acidity and we agree. The beautiful scent is of bread crust and the fresh fruit of almonds, hazelnut and dried figs. It is aromatic, delicate and extremely harmonious. 

After fermentation in the bottle, the Franciacorta Brut ages for 18 months on the lees. 


MINIMUM ORDER : 6 Bottles 


Lugana Brut 2015 

This is a special White wine, which is balanced by residual sugar that gives a simple and immediate drink – ideal for warm summer evenings.Elegant classic method sparkling wine, fragrant and pleasant, at least 48 months on the lees. 


MINIMUM ORDER : 6 Bottles 


Roselario – Cantinetta Angelinetta  

This Rosè is flowery, fresh and has a beautiful light pink colour.Vinification cold maceration Fermentation in steel tanks at controlled temperature 


Minimum Order : 6 bottles   


Prosecco Marsuret - Extra Dry II - Soller  

This Prosecco come from the most protected vineyards, where the particular inclination of the hill guarantees the grapes full sun for a long time 

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Miminum Order : 6 bottles  


Sforzato 5 stelle - Nino Negri – Premium Red Wine 

This Red Wine is something really special. The Sforzato 5 stelle is 5 made with a selection of the best grapes harvested only in the best vintages. It has an intense garnet red and the flavour is full, vigorous and with a hint of ripe tannins and vanilla notes. 

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Minimum Order : 6 bottles  


Sforzato Black Edition – Plozza – Premium Red Wine 

This is also an extraordinary Sforzato Red Wine. Plozza was one of the first producers back in 1946 to put Sforzato in the bottle and the experience shows in the quality of this incredible red wine. 



You can also mix and match your 6 bottles.